Where’s our Breaking Point?

Numerous moments in Feed inspire connections to today around the byproducts of technology that make its existence so bittersweet. Perhaps the most resonating consists of Titus’s fleeting moment of (accidental) analysis of the painting he examines while waiting in the hospital. While the segment has a variety of implications, its similarity to our detachment from reality and sparse moments of engagement with reality around us proves most compelling. We inadvertently, and ironically, have our purest and most human moments when the technology we have created takes a back seat. Simply put, the inevitable progression of humanity- inventing technology and tools to ease our lives- has undermined the very force that fueled it.

A possible threshold may be reached, beyond which technological progressions will subside due to the continued effects on humans. For instance, if cell phones continue to advance and eventually enter our psyches in a Black Mirror-esque form, outcry and reversion will likely occur. However, as with every past technology- the telephone, the telegram, cell phones, the internet, etc.- the moral outrage stands a negligible chance against productivity and convenience gains. But one has to wonder if humanity has its breaking point.


Individuals cross a street, sharing the cell-phone commonality.

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